Homeomorphisms between function spaces

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Sheetal Luthra
Brij Kishore Tyagi


Given a space \(X\) and topological group \(H\), \(C(X,H)\) denotes the set of all continuous functions from a space \(X\) to a topological group \(H\). For a subset \(A\) of a space \(X\), \(X/A\) denotes the quotient space with quotient topology obtained from $X$ by identifying $A$ to a point. We study some homeomorphisms between \(C(X,H)\) and \(C(Y,H)\) for different \(X\) and \(Y\) under the point-open topology, open-point topology and bi-point-open topology.


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Luthra, S., & Kishore Tyagi, B. . (2020). Homeomorphisms between function spaces. Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology, 11(1-2), 1-5. Retrieved from http://m-sciences.com/index.php/jast/article/view/1608
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