Characterizations of near-rings by (\overline(\alpha),\overline(\beta) )-fuzzy ideals

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Veerappan Chinnadurai
Sambanthamoorthy Kadalarasi


In this paper, we define the notion of (\overline(\alpha),\overline(\beta))-fuzzy subnear-rings and ideals of near-rings where
alpha and beta are any two of {e,qk ,evqk   ,e^qk}(e-belongingness; qk-k quasi-coincidence) and discussed some of its properties.

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Chinnadurai, V., & Kadalarasi, S. (2017). Characterizations of near-rings by (\overline(\alpha),\overline(\beta) )-fuzzy ideals. International Journal of Algebra and Statistics, 6(1-2), 42–55.