\(Q_1\)- fuzzy quasi ideals in semiring

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M. R. Thirumagal
P. Murugadas


 The authors in [9] introduced Q1 -fuzzy set which is a natural generalization Q-fuzzy sets studied by [5, 7, 12, 13] and studied some results related to level subsets of Q1 -fuzzy set. In this study composition of two Q1 -fuzzy sets, Q1 -fuzzy points, Q1 -fuzzy quasi (prime, semiprime, irreducible, strongly irreducible) ideals are defined and revealed some related properties of these mentioned ideals. Further Q1 -fuzzy left (right) ideals generated by fuzzy points are exhibited and some quasi-ideals in terms of idempotent Q1 -fuzzy points are found.

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Thirumagal, M., & Murugadas, P. (2017). \(Q_1\)- fuzzy quasi ideals in semiring. International Journal of Algebra and Statistics, 6(1-2), 144-157. https://doi.org/10.20454/ijas.2017.1295