Improved Parker-Sochacki Approach for Closed Form Solution of Enzyme Catalyzed Reaction Model

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Babatunde Sunday Ogundare
Saheed O Akindeinde, Dr.
Adebayo O Adewumi, Dr.
Adebayo A Aderogba, Dr.


In this article, a new analytical technique called Improved Parker-Sochacki Method (IPSM) for solving nonlinear Michaelis-Menten enzyme catalyzed reaction model is proposed. The global form of the solution for the concentrations of the substrate, enzyme and the enyzme-free product are obtained. Employing the Laplace-Pade resummation as a post processing technique on the computed series solution, the domain of convergence of the solution is greatly extended. The solution is therefore devoid of limited convergence interval that is typical of series solution of nonlinear differential equations.
 The proposed method showed a significant improvement  over the conventional Parker-Sochacki Method (PSM). Furthermore, comparison of the results with numerically computed solutions elucidated the simplicity and accuracy of the proposed method.

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