Published: 2017-03-04

On contractivity-preserving 2- and 3-step predictor-corrector series for ODEs

Truong Nguyen-Ba, Abdulrahman Alzahrani, Thierry Giordano, Remi Vaillancourt


Construction of a global solution for the one dimensional singularly-perturbed boundary value problem

Samir Karasuljic, Dr, Enes Duvnjakovic, Dr, Vedad Pasic, Dr, Elvis Barakovic, Dr


Improved Parker-Sochacki Approach for Closed Form Solution of Enzyme Catalyzed Reaction Model

Babatunde Sunday Ogundare, Saheed O Akindeinde, Dr., Adebayo O Adewumi, Dr., Adebayo A Aderogba, Dr.


On contractivity preserving 4- to 7-step predictor-corrector HBO series for ODEs

Truong Nguyen-Ba, Thierry Giordano, Huong Nguyen-Thu, Remi Vaillancourt