Genetic variability of three fish species of genus Puntius

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H., A.-A. A., Bahgat, I. M., & Al-Tahr, Z. M. (2017). Genetic variability of three fish species of genus Puntius. Journal of Experimental and Applied Animal Sciences, 2(2), 153–164.


The present study was aimed to evaluate the genetic variability among three fish species of genus Puntius, Puntius semifasciolatus, Puntius conchonius and Puntius oligolepis (family: Cyprinidae) using various genetic markers (SDS-Page and ISSR). The electrophoretic analysis of protein was revealed 29 bands of molecular weight ranging from 11 to 132KD with polymorphism 28%. A total of eleven ISSR primers produced 123 total bands their size ranged from 79 to 1185bp and the percentage of polymorphism ranged from 91% to 100%. Results analysis showed that the percentages of genetic relationship among three species were 33% and 47%. The results of the study revealed that Puntius semifasciolatus and Puntius conchonius have higher genetic similarity 47% while Puntius semifasciolatus and Puntius oligolepis exhibited lower genetic similarity 33%. Considering all the gained data, it is evident that molecular detection of SDS-Page and ISSR are suitable tools in assessing genetic variation among fish species. These markers provide interesting tools for breeding new varieties of Egyptian fish.


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