Irresolute \(\beta\)-topological Algebra

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Haval Mohammed Salih
Ismael Akray
Faruq A. Mena


In this paper, we introduce a generalization of topological \(R\)-module using \(\beta\)-open sets called irresolute \(\beta\)-topological algebra (group, ring, and module). We show that the center of an irresolute \(\beta\)-hausdorff ring is \(\beta\)-closed and if \(N\) is \(Q\)-submodule of an irresolute \(\beta\)-topological \(R\)-module \(M\), then \(\beta Cl(N)_M\) is also \(\beta Cl(Q)_R\)-submodule where \(Q,N\) are subsets of \(R,M\) respectively. Several other properties of them are investigated.


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Mohammed Salih, H., Akray, I. ., & Mena, F. A. . (2023). Irresolute \(\beta\)-topological Algebra. Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology, 13(1-2), 1–6.
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Ismael Akray, Soran University


Faruq A. Mena, Soran University